What is THCV?

THCV is a miraculous cannabinoid that has been receiving lots of attention and research over the past decade. It’s ability to block the CB1 receptor at low doses lets it counteract many of the ‘negative’ side-effects THC can cause, such as a large increase in appetite and foggy focus. THCV has been shown to suppress appetite – and even cause weight loss in mice, potentially giving diabetics an advantage in regulating their blood sugar levels. It’s also been shown to leave you more clear-headed than just ingesting THC alone, and increasing overall energy.

THCV does give off a psychoactive effect – similar to THC.

There are a lot of studies that have come out in regards to the medicinal benefits of THCV. It’s always important to remember that these are still early lab studies, and more conclusive evidence needs to be gathered before we can arrive at a consensus. Some of the medicinal properties that THCV has displayed in lab tests so far have been: aiding with panic attacks, helping regulate diabetes, helping with Alzheimer’s, promoting bone growth, and displaying anti-convulsive properties.

THCV comes from a long lineage of African land raised plants, and won’t generally be found in too many common strains that we have in California and the states.

SF Green Delivery recommends DeltaCann’s line of products for THCV consumption, as their lab results show high THCV percentages across their different strains (2% or higher is generally considered a good THCV dosage). Always make sure to check out the lab results of cannabis products you purchase. The lab results will make it clear as to what cannabinoids are contained in the product.