What is CBD?

Besides THC, Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the two main compounds among many found in Cannabis. CBD is said to have medicinal properties including anti-inflammatory, neuro-protectant and is known to reduce tumors by causing cell death (aptosis) in cancer cells. With CBD rich strains, patients gain all of these benefits without the psychoactive effects experienced by users of high THC strains. The medicinal effects of CBD are fully enjoyed but with a clear headed and functional effect-almost as if you forgot the ailment ever existed, at least for a while. In fact CBD can be taken to mitigate the psychotropic effects of THC. Certain high ratios of CBD:THC have been extremely effective in in reducing tremors and sleepy muscles for Parkinson’s patients and reduced seizures in epileptic patients (see video).

Read about the Government’s research on Cannabis (specifically CBD, THC) provided via the National Cancer Institute. This article written in 2014 (recently updated on December 17th, 2014) discusses the antitumor, appetite stimulating and analgesic effects of Cannabinoids including THC, THV, CBD, CBN, CBG and Delta 8. It is a very interesting read brought to you from the same government that has been incarcerating our citizens over the past 80 years for cannabis related activities claiming Cannabis has “no medical use”. Very interesting findings. Learn more…

SF Green Delivery has made a strong commitment to educate its member patients about the medical uses of cannabis and to provide a wide variety of CBD rich products including flowers, tinctures, topicals, edibles and concentrates. Check out our Menu to see which CBD products are best suited for you.

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